Richard M. Blatchford by R. Breck Denny
  Aaron Clark, 1787-1861, and Whiggery by Brooks Wrampelmeier
  George Douglass, 1790-1869 by Kenneth P. Woodington
  Mary Ann Delafield DuBois, 1813-1888 by Anne W. Brown
  Daniel Fanshaw, 1788-1860 by Warren Fanshaw Rollins, III
  John Hone, 1764-1832
  David Hosack, 1769-1835 by Penelope Rowlands

Francis Markoe, 1774-1848 by Anne W. Brown

  John Mitchell Mason , 1770-1829 by Tiffany McKerahan
  Gardiner Spring, 1785-1873 from the Presbyterian Church in America
  James Tallmadge, 1778-1853 from US Congress Biographical Directory
  Thomas Tileston, 1793-1864 by R. Breck Denny
  Myndert Van Schaick, 1782-1865 by Harold deWolf Fuller, Ph.D.
  Benjamin Wright, 1770-1842 by Neal FitzSimons, Fellow, ASCE


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