New York Marble Cemetery Records

The Cemetery's burial records, with additional biographical information, were published in 1999 as New York Marble Cemetery Interments, 1830-1937, by Anne Wright Brown.  Rhinebeck, NY: Kinship Publishers.   The book is available in major research libraries.   There are only a few known errors in it, but a large amount of new identifying information has been uncovered.

Even if you have access to the book, please contact the cemetery for updated family vault listings, which it is glad to send.  There is much new information available.

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Most of the Cemetery’s early papers have been deposited at the New-York Historical Society as MS 1470.  Register information beyond name, date of interment, vault number and age varies with each superintendancy, but may include vault owner, date of birth, date of death, state of birth, street address at death, cause of death, sexton, and attending physician.  The vault listings, with names and dates of interment only, were compiled around 1870; interments after that date were sometimes not added.  Most reinterments were never meant to be entered in the register but are in the vault lists.  Because they are in bound volumes, none of these records may be photocopied.

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There are two typed transcriptions of the vault listings and an alphabetical typed list of interments available on microfilm from any Family History Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   They were made about 1880.  They are LDS microfilms #001777 (by vault) and1862779 (alphabetical).  There are so many missing entries, misreadings, and typographical errors that the Cemetery strongly suggests that the microfilms not be used.